NanovnaSaver crash after 1port calibration with NanoVNA V2s #nanovna-saver


Hello, I am performing a simple 1port SOL calibration in the range of 1MHz to 30MHz with 101 points using the NAnovnaV2s (I have the first V2 and V2+4) and NanoVNASaver on PC. When using calibration assistant, calibrating by use of good standard, the displayed values in Smithchart are ok, but when I press apply calibration, the NanovnaSaver crashes.
Last thre lines of the debug log are:
2021-12-29 21:01:36,873 - NanoVNASaver.Calibration - DEBUG - Calibration correctly calculated.
2021-12-29 21:01:36,874 - NanoVNASaver.Windows.CalibrationSettings - DEBUG - Applying calibration to existing sweep data.
2021-12-29 21:01:36,897 - NanoVNASaver.Windows.CalibrationSettings - DEBUG - Saving and displaying corrected data.
and nothing more.
It happens on both Nanovna V2s, so it seems to be something in the NanoVNASaver.
Am I doing something wrong, or do you have the same problem?
Vojtech, OK1VAW.

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