Re: Fried Ch0 S11 port #hardware


I'm setting up a QO-100 station and was doing a spot of testing. I had the Nano set up as a 2.4GHz CW source using S11, into an Axing in-line ~20dB amp. (, into a bias-T, then going to a R&S SA. The R&S was suitably DC protected and attenuated. My downfall was not thinking ahead and not twigging the fact that the in-line amp of course will pass DC (as it normally does to power a sat. dish LNA). A quick death for S11 at that point as soon as I applied DC to the bias-t. It was only 12V, so yes I would have thought the internal DC blocking caps would have been up to it, but nope. I did have a look around for a replacement input switch as I have the necessary gear to replace. I'll now try Aliexpress, thanks for the hint. Live & learn as they say :)

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