Re: Fried Ch0 S11 port #hardware

Stephen Laurence

Thankyou. I am learning all the time (got to keep a 70yr old brain alive somehow).

I am getting some switches just in case. I have tools to (theoretically) replace them (controllable hot air gun, tweezer soldering iron, cheap Chinese microscope etc) and some dead Ipads to practice on.

However I will be careful. I am surprised rfid equipment could cause damage as it has to be safe for the public and equipment they might be carrying ( eg phones). Nevertheless, I might buy a stock of these diodes as well.

A stack of built v2 boards might be a good investment too, as most of the v2 variants (v2N, my favoutite) use it with additional bespoke boards for the niceties (display, switches etc).

Steve L

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