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Welcome to NORTHWEST NONPROFIT NETWORKING, an email group (i.e., listserv) moderated by 501 Commons as part of its free Information & Referral Program.

WHAT TO POST: This group is for messages that advance nonprofits. You can include web links and files in your posts. Use it to:
·        Ask questions, request information, and search for information on people or organizations
·        Announce trainings and convenings, publications, and other resources
·        List volunteer opportunities, consulting gigs/RFPs, and jobs.  Please include the salary range in job listings. If you do not, many people will not share your listing. In Washington, the Equal Pay & Opportunities Act requires employers to provide minimum wage or salary information upon request.

CONDUCT: Be professional in your posts, respectful in your replies, and always avoid editorializing. Replies must be constructive and directly relevant to the original post (stay on topic). Avoid using the group to reply to one person. Instead, contact that person directly, outside of the group, using the email address in their message.

FREQUENCY OF MESSAGES ABOUT THE SAME THING: In consideration of subscribers’ time, promotional messages about the same topic (e.g., a training, a job opening) will only be posted at least 2 weeks apart and for no more than 4 times.


WHAT DOESN'T BELONG: Don't post information that is of a personal nature or isn't pertinent to nonprofits. All content is posted under the moderator's discretion, but responsibility for accuracy, relevance, and appropriateness rests solely with the person posting. If you don't abide by these policies, you will be warned once and then removed from the group.

JOINING THIS GROUP: 1) Send a request to the "Subscribe" email address: and 2) include a sentence or two about your tie to the nonprofit sector. This group was designed to benefit regional nonprofits only. Please respect this purpose and don’t subscribe if you are not active with nonprofit organizations in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho.

POSTING TO THIS GROUP: Once approved, you can send messages to the "Post" email address: The listserv moderator will review the message. Approved messages will be posted to the website and distributed via email to all members. 

QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? For general questions or comments about the group, or concerns about a post, send feedback to the "Group Owner" below. (Do NOT send them to the “Post” email address below.)


  • VISIT the Nonprofit Resource Directory for vetted nonprofit specialists, tools and best practices, a map of Northwest venues, and more.
  • VISIT Learning Connections for trainings, conferences/gatherings, coaching, and career resources for nonprofit professionals. 

Thank you!

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