Natural Thyroid Hormones EUROPE group (includes the use of T3)

Welcome to all Europeans interested in either Natural Thyroid Hormones, T4 with T3, or T3-only! :) YOU ARE REQUIRED TO READ ALL OF THIS: This European-ONLY patient group is just for YOU, created to replace the former 8+year old group on Yahoo called Natural Thyroid Hormone (NTH) Europe Users, created by Janie A. Bowthorpe M.Ed, the creator of the Stop the Thyroid Madness (STTM) website and the books:   

This group focuses on near 20 years of solid patient experiences, observations, and wisdom, NOT strong opinions or questionable info from other websites. Sure, there are areas where we have to surmise and have an opinion. But there are MANY areas now, as shown in the STTM books, where years of experiences reveal the truth. 

WHO CAN JOIN AND HOW: Europeans only!! Many times, we can figure it out by your email address or IP address. But sometimes, we can't. So if you aren't approved after many days, respond to the PENDING MEMBER EMAIL and somehow prove you live in Europe--it's on your shoulders, such as your facebook page, Linkedin page, proof of address, etc. Without it, we can't approve you. :(   It's important that Europeans know they are surrounded by other Europeans.  

PURPOSE: The intention of this Europeans-only group is for the discussion of using Natural Thyroid Hormones (NTH) and also called Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT),  or T3, or combo T4/T3--whether from Hashimoto's, just plain hypothyroid, thyroid cancer, and/or thyroid removal. We also talk about issues that can occur like cortisol problems, iron, B12, antibodies, gut...etc. 

To learn more about NTH/NDT: 

To learn more about using T3: 

To learn why T4-only like Levothyroxine is a bust: 

This group expects members to practice kindness towards other members, openness towards the information discussed, and/or tact in the way you express yourself in our great group. NO political bashing, NO religious topics. Keep it friendly, gracious and open-minded...and all will be wonderful!


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