Showcase Miniatures Kenworth Style Mirrors


This is really old news, but last August Showcase Miniatures updated several of their truck kits to include new cabs with etched stainless steel grilles and mirrors.  I finally got around to ordering some a few weeks ago, and when they arrived I noticed that the mirrors that now come with the KW T800 cabs would likely work for the KW T600 trucks as well.  The photo below shows a T600 that had been built months ago, but still needed mirrors.  Rather than use the old Roadapple mirrors that sort of look like KW mirrors, I borrowed the mirrors from one of the T800 cabs and applied them to the Anteater (T600).

Now I know this is only of interest to those whose modeling eras are 1985 or newer, but the mirrors are perfect for the T600!  You can also purchase a 3-pack of the mirrors from Showcase without buying a T800 cab at the link below.

Note:  The T600 in the photo has been fitted with Trainworx wheels.