Looking for N Scale light bars for emergency vehicles


The only light bars that are currently available for N scale emergency vehicles as an accessory item are the ones from River Point Station.  It looks like N Scale Supply still has some in stock.  https://www.nscalesupply.com/rps/rps.html

While the light bars are molded in clear colorless plastic, they are easily painted with a "clear red" paint.

I used Tamiya X-27 (item 81527). 

I have the book Ford Fire Trucks by Kent Parrish, and while the RPS light bars are not identical to the ones applied to fire apparatus in the 1970s, they do look somewhat similar.



I'm looking for N Scale light bars (red) for emergency vehicles - preferably rotators as I'm modelling the mid 1970s.  Anyone have any idea where to look for know any good sources?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.