GARS Massive SK Sale

Brian Page

The Gwinnett Radio Society (GARS) has been given the privilege of liquidating a very substantial silent key estate.  Our team has been working a few months organizing what will ultimately be hundreds if not thousands of items.  Our plan is to publish spreadsheets periodically to the Atlanta amateur radio community as we extract, inventory, and organize the equipment.  Ultimately, we’ve already reserved five tables at the Stone Mountain Hamfest with the goal of completing the liquidation of the many small items. 


The prices we are proposing are generally deeply discounted with the intent to get this gear back in use for members of the local amateur community.  We feel this is what the SK would have wanted.  All proceeds from the sales are going to the GARS Scholarship Fund.


Here is the spreadsheet listing equipment currently available: GARS Silent Key Sale  As items are sold, the spreadsheet will be updated to indicate a SOLD status.  


We’re set up to receive payment via PayPal (the preferred method), credit card, or if necessary, cash.  Once you inspect the equipment you wish to purchase, PayPal payments are made using a link at the website.  Credit card payments will be securely accepted using the GARS Square® card reader. 


Here is the PayPal purchase procedure: 

1.       Browse to

2.       Click on the "Donate" button under the heading, "GARS SK Memorial Fund for Education"

3.       Enter the total dollar amount of the items you are purchasing

4.       Click the appropriate PayPal button

5.       Enter text in the PayPal note area indicating the purchase is for the “SK Sale”

To schedule viewing of an item, send an email to forsale@... with your contact information, the item(s) of interest, and the day/time you’d like to inspect the item.  Expressing interest does not “reserve” an item for you.  We tried that and it turned out to not be practical.  I've had inquiries wishing to "reserve" an option to buy but then not be able to come over to inspect the item for too lengthy a time.  I can't keep ready buyers waiting on the chance that someone quick with an email might make a purchase a few weeks from now.  All sales are on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


Being retired, I’m generally available to accommodate an inspection and purchase that’s convenient for you. 



Brian Page



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