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Mike McNamara

Greetings to those that listen in and also actively participate in this NJ Free-mo group on Yahoo.

As you may have heard elsewhere, especially if you subscribe to other Yahoo Groups, there is a shift of on-line groups away from Yahoo due to many technical and feature related issues. Yahoo has instituted a number of annoying changes, has had a number of outages and issues with message and file posting, and offers no real support when something goes wrong. Yahoo has also made it much more difficult to log in and see your groups in a web browser.

I actually have a couple of groups I have created on Yahoo over the years, and I am starting the process to move each group over to the service.

Your biggest question - How does this affect me?

The answer is, it will not affect you much at all. Your subscription will automatically be moved to the new service and all your same subscription options will transfer. You don’t have to do anything. You will automatically receive group emails, and you can post emails to the group using the new email address, njfreemo @ instead of @ (The group URL will also change, from NJFreemo  dot to NJFreemo  dot

You will receive 2 emails once the transfer occurs:

1) First email will indicate you have been added to It will have some basic info, as well as the option to unsubscribe if you wish (hopefully you will not because you are already a member of this group!)

2) Second email will welcome you to the group and have some of the same information and links

Although not required, you can create a account with a password (instructions will be in the first email, but you can also post a message asking for help if needed) This will allow you to access the group in your web browser. I do recommend you do this and take a look around. There are some new features and services that you may want to make advantage of (such as different subscription methods (like using hashtags and muting conversations you do not wish to participate in), and it is useful if you belong to multiple groups.

I will be initiating this process in the next day or so, and it can take a day or two to process. All of our messages, files, photos, etc. will migrate to the new service, so we will not lose any history. The old Yahoo group will remain, but I will be changing the status to Private at some point to prevent future activity, will be the new destination for the group email service and repository for files, photos, etc that everyone can share/see.

Not related to this is the web site,, which will continue as it is.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Mike McNamara
Admin for NJ Free-mo group (Yahoo and

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