We are live on Groups.io

Mike McNamara

Greetings from our new home, on Groups.io

All content from Yahoo has been transferred over, and you should have received the emails welcoming you to the groups.io service. All of our previous emails / conversations have been brought over to groups.io, along with all pictures and files.

All members with good email addresses have been migrated and are set to the same Yahoo groups subscription settings. Please be aware that there are a lot of new settings within groups.io, so please logon as you may find a subscription option that best serves your email receiving preferences.

Moving forward, all emails for this group should be sent to NJFree-mo@groups.io.

Every members initial post will be moderated to make sure we have true model railroad subscribers. All subsequent emails to the group will be un-moderated.

I have marked the old NJ Free-mo Yahoo group to private, and have restricted emails to that group. I also added a message on the main page about us moving to Groups.io.

Should anyone not want to be a part of the new groups.io, you will have received a welcome email letting you know that you were added to the group, and there's a link in that email which you can use to leave the group if you so wish.There are no hard feelings if you wish to leave :-)

This group goes back to 2013, so hopefully it will continue on as a useful resource with better reliability and service.

Any questions.comments, just replay back here. 

Now on to more NJ Free-mo talk!

Mike McNamara
Delran, NJ

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