Narrow Gauge Trams, Trolleys, and Electric Locomotives

NG-Traction is a group which discusses electrically powered narrow gauge railways of all sorts. We were created in 2012, and in early 2018 we migrated to for service. NG-Traction generally is about prototype and rideable trains of less than standard gauge (4'-8.5") which have electric motors to make them move. Whether powered by an overhead wire, third rail, battery, gas or diesel generator - it does not really matter. We might talk a bit about small scale models, however most conversations should be about electrically powered trains you can actually ride inside or on top.

Likely topics for discussion include narrow gauge streetcars of cities like Lisbon, Los Angeles, Detroit (in it's heritage trolley) or Denver, trammer lokies that pull mine cars out of tunnels, underground service railways like the Chicago Tunnel Company, diesel electric locomotives used on narrow gauge railroads like the White Pass and Yukon, the EBT gas-electric doodlebug, horsecars operating on 30" gauge track at Disneyland (or on 500mm gauge track in the Yucatan area of Mexico), backyard "grand scale" trollies operating on low voltage with home-made equipment (generally 24" to 14" between the rails), and even 1.5 inch scale interurban cars that operate on 7.5" gauge track.

If you ever thought about how to make that washing machine motor drive a train, or how to convert a golf cart to a cable car for riding around your backyard, this is also a group for you to collaborate with others that have similar ideas.

Membership requests are moderated and personal information is kept private.

On the Cover:  Bob Davis provided this 1970s photo of an 18" gauge replica of a Pacific Electric interurban car, which had a gas engine powering a generator, and operated at Legg Lake near Los Angeles.

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