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Scott Davis

Hi Gang,

One of the cool things that Club Log provides is a ranking of all clubs, based on the average number of DX Entities we have confirmed.  Their stated purpose is:

Club Log uses the average number of DXCC countries in each member's log as a basis for comparison, rather than the grand total number of countries worked by all members of the club. The idea is for active DXers in a club to encourage less active members to work more DX.

If you are not actively working and confirming more DX, consider yourself encouraged!  :)

We are currently ranked 118th in the world.  


There is no doubt we can do better!  Here's how:

1.  If you are not current a member of Club Log, please join our Club Log roster!  We love new guys, even if you are just getting started.  Join us!

2.  Make sure all your QSOs are uploaded to Club Log.  Remember, even if you have the automatic upload enabled in AC Log, you still have to manually initiate uploads after importing from contests.  In AC Log just click eLogs > Club Log > All Contacts Not Uploaded.

3.  To count, your QSOs must be confirmed, so make sure you have synced LoTW to Club Log.  That way, you will get all your confirmations counted towards our total.  To do that:

A.  Locate your .p12 file from tQSL.  If you can't find it, start tQSL.  Then, from the menu options click Callsign Certificate > Save Callsign Certificate.

B.  Go here:


C.  On the form that appears, upload your .p12 certificate and then click the Download confirmed QSOs from LoTW button to sync:


Just repeat the Download step after each major contest.

For our club totals, that is all you need to know, but you can go here to see how you rank within our club as well:

With the FT modes, there are no HOA excuses.  If you can hook your rig to your rain spout or camouflage ANY kind of metal outside (be creative- use the metal grate by your entrance) you can add DX to your log and our totals!.

This is all in fun, but you know we deserve to be in the top 100, if not higher!  Let's do this!  :)

73, Scott

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