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MEMBERSHIP INFO UPDATE: NCA-MUG has become a 501(c)(7) non-profit Association. As of 2022, the association will collect $30 annual dues to support NCA-MUG. Only those current and new NCA-MUG members who choose to pay dues will have access to NCA-MUG's Forum and to NCA-MUG's Meetups, Events, and Offers.  To join, go to:

National Capital Apple Macintosh Users Group, (NCA-MUG) is a social and hobby group comprised of Mac and Apple device enthusiasts. Founded as an informal group in January 2007, NCA-MUG officially became recognized as an association in September, 2021. The association provides the DC-area Mac user community with a place where members can meet others interested in "things Apple" and learn how to make the most use of their Macs, Apple software apps, and other Apple-related products and services. NCA-MUG welcomes members from beginners to the highly advanced. The association's goal is to welcome and accommodate a diverse group of interests and abilities.

In 'normal' times, NCA-MUG tries to schedule in-person meetups on the second Saturday each month, from 10 a.m. to noon -- except in August and December, when we do not meet. Meetup notices are posted to all members via the forum. (Until further notice, meetups are virtual and held via Zoom.)  At meetups, members learn from one another and enjoy a wide variety of interesting, informative, and practical discussions on Mac-  and other Apple-related topics.

Topics for discussion and presentation at NCA-MUG meetups have included: occasional presentations from our local Apple representative and other prominent members of the tech community; popular apps for Mac, iOS  /iPadOS devices, and watchOS devices, with occasional demos; Mac back-up best practices; Apple device security; discussions about popular third-party software and hardware; a wide variety of useful tips and tricks; the latest 'News You Can Use;' and much more.

NCA-MUG's online community Forum was created as a resource for all members. It functions as a bridge between meetups, allowing Mac-related contact and communication between all NCA-MUG members, as a place for members to share ideas and Mac-related news, and to seek and offer advice.   All other unrelated use of NCA-MUG's Forum and meetup group is neither acceptable not permitted. 


By participating and contributing to the MUG’s mailing list and online forum, you agree to the following: Non-compliance may result in loss of posting privileges or membership suspension.

NO CROSS-POSTING: Do not post anything that you send to other lists or to other recipients. Do not add additional email addresses to your message.


ADD CONTEXT: Messages must contain more than just a web link. Explain why you are posting a web link. 


MESSAGE FOCUS: Posts should relate to NCA-MUG, Apple, computing, or related subjects.


READABILITY:  Your message must be readable. ALL CAPS can be used for headings and occasional emphasis only. 


PRIVACY: Posting someone else's home address or phone number, or their private or personal correspondence without their permission, is not allowed.


CIVILITY: Personal attacks, ridicule, harsh or uncivil language or profanity are not allowed. Do not question somebody's motives for making a post. Posts intended to inflame ("trolling") are not permitted. 


REPLY POSTS: When answering a posted  question, provide an answer: Don't say, "There's a computer repair shop on Wisconsin Avenue, but I don't remember the name." Please refrain from "me, too" or "I agree" posts that don't add new information.


EDIT REPLY POSTS: Before replying to a post, delete any parts of the original message that aren't relevant to your reply. 


ADVERTISING: Advertising is prohibited. Business owners and professionals may not advertise their business. Do not include long signature lines that double as advertising or sloganeering, and advertising disguised as informational messages. 


ITEMS FOR SALE: Occasional posts of personal computer technology items may be posted for sale. However, NCA-MUG is not responsible for the viability of the device nor for the accuracy of the post.


SPAM:  Spam of any kind or harvesting of email addresses is prohibited. 


MESSAGES: Forum messages are for NCA-MUG member use only. 

EMAIL POSTS: Your forum e-mail address must match your NCA-MUG membership email address. Bouncing email will indicate a non-working address, as will posts which automatically are sent to a recipient’s ‘Spam’ folder., the Forum host, has set as their universal default, to unsubscribe the address, in both situations. 

Neither NCA-MUG's all-volunteer Board, nor NCA-MUG Forum's Group Admins, shall be responsible for the content of member posts.  

To become a member of NCA-MUG Click Here

You can reach the site's main page at:

After joining the association, you will receive instructions for joining NCA-MUG's Forum. When you join the association, you will pay $30 dues and provide the association with your name, e-mail address, and where you are located. To gain admission to Zoom-based meetups, and avoid being dropped from the Forum, your profile name and e-mail address must mirror your association information.

Note: NCA-MUG is a participatory group, and thus, the selection of 'No Mail' or 'Special' for a mail option, is not acceptable. Abusers of this rule will be warned. Those who continue using either the 'Special' or 'No Mail' setting will be banned from membership in NCA-MUG.  Each member's NCA-MUG mail settings MUST be set to receive all NCA-MUG mail. 

National Capital Apple Mac Users Group (NCA-MUG) looks forward to welcoming you to membership!

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