North American Prototype Modelers Ltd.

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NAPM Ltd. North American Prototype Modelers Ltd.
HO Scale Model Railroad Club of Milwaukee WI.

A place to post messages, share files and photos.

This is a "NAPM Members Only" group.
Members are urged to keep the subject matter related to NAPM, and to conduct personal communications "Off List".

PLEASE have the courtesy to sign your name to each post, as email addresses are not always intuitive to know who posted an item.

Napm public web page is at:

Send dues to:

NAPM c/o
Michael Parks - Treasurer
PO Box 590
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Treasurer contact:

NAPM Office Phone: 414-672-9100

You MUST include your full name with your application request to join this list.
Because there have been instances where spammers have attempted access to this group, and your email address is not adequate to identify you to the moderators of this list.

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