Plaque Spelling Needed REgion 11-21 By Annie Taylor ·
Plaque spelling needed Region 1-10 By Annie Taylor ·
Last day! By Kim Davis ·
Countdown to the end of NAFA Election! By Kim Davis ·
The NAFA Election ends January 22, 2018 at midnight CST. By Kim Davis ·
NAFA Final Candidate Chat is Saturday, December 16, 11 a.m. EST (10 a.m. CST) By Kim Davis ·
Have you cast your votes in the NAFA Election yet? By Kim Davis ·
NAFA 2017/2018 Election ballots! By Kim Davis ·
Candidate for the Board of Directors By Kim Davis ·
Candidate Chat Saturday (11/25/1)! By Kim Davis ·
Voting information for upcoming elections By Kim Davis ·
North American Flyball Association Elections! By Kim Davis ·
Plaque spelling confirmation still needed By Annie Taylor ·
Plaque spelling confirmation needed for the following teams REgion 12-21 By Annie Taylor ·
Plaque spelling needed Regions 1- 11 By Annie Taylor ·
CanAm Flyball Classic 2017 Trailer Parking Notice By Kim Davis ·
The 2017 CanAm Flyball Classic is almost here!!!! By Kim Davis ·
CanAm Title Ribbons! By Kim Davis ·
NAFA Nominations are closing tonite! By Kim Davis ·
9/30/17!!! Last day to get those nominations in for the NAFA Elections!! By Kim Davis ·
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