Welcome to subscribers transferred from NAFANews Yahoo Group

Emma Mak

Migration from Yahoo Groups to has been completed.  All NAFANews Yahoo Group subscribers now belong to this new list.

The following instructions are for those transferred subscribers: 

If you simply wish to receive messages from this group by email then you're all set - no further action on your part is needed.

  • If you click onto the web site and you want to access members-only areas of our (to see old messages, for example) you will need to log in using your email address (the same address used in the group). There are multiple ways to log in at, but the easy way to start is to click the link to Log In, and since you don't have a password yet, click the "Email me a link to log in" button.
  • The link in the email sends you will log you in for 30 days. Any time you want you can request another log in email, so no worries if you log out, clear your browser cookies or let the 30 days expire. There's no need to ever set a password, unless you prefer to log in that way.

If you need any help with, please visit or contact NAFA directly at flyball@....

If you do not wish to belong to this group and email list, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to