We Need You!!

ngarcia1701 <nancykgarcia@...>

Your club has turned in your entries and your are busy making your travel plans to Indianapolis.

Now that you know you are attending, we would like to ask that you think about whether or not you could help out with some line and/or box judging. An event this large covering six rings cannot be done without the commitment of Volunteers. We are currently pre-registering clubs and/or individuals that will be willing to volunteer to fill line judging chairs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you/your club would be willing to fill chairs, it would be greatly appreciated. We would ask that a club take responsibility to keep the chair(s) filled for five-hour shifts or for a full day. You could split a shift/day with another club. Let us know if you can cover all four chairs or just 2 chairs for a shift.

For each 5 hour shift that a club or individual volunteers the club name or indivdual's name will be entered into a drawing for cash prizes to be drawn during awards at the end of each day as follows:

Friday: Two drawings.

Saturday: Three drawings.

Sunday: One drawing for $500. Tickets from Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be included in the drawing. Clubs working on Sunday get one extra bonus entry for each five hour shift they work.

We realize that it will be easier for a club to volunteer once they see the racing schedule and know if they have any large breaks in the day. However, if you know that your club would be willing to help out, if possible, please go ahead and let us know. Details can be finalized once the racing schedules are posted.

It is important for us to know in advance how many chairs we can get filled with volunteers. If necessary we will turn to local Indianapolis rescue groups, band booster clubs, etc. to fill the remaining chairs in return for a donation to their group.

Please contact Dave Walt if you are interested in signing up at dwalt@telus. blackberry. net