We'd still like to hear from NAFA Clubs that are Recruiting New Members or Offering Lessons!

Emma Mak

We have several clubs from Regions 2, 6, 7, 8, 14 & 20 featured on the 'Clubs Recruiting or Offering Lessons' section of the new NAFAblog.  We'd like at least a few clubs from each region.  Our goal:  to enable potential flyballers to connect with clubs willing to bring new people into the sport, especially as people will be tuning in 2:30 PM EST on ESPN2 to watch 'Flyball:  The Ultimate Dog Relay'.

If your club would like to be featured there are now two ways to make the request:

It's very quick and easy for us to get these feature articles published.  Help us to promote your club while growing excitement in NAFA Flyball!

Also - please make sure your Flyball Locator contact info is up-to-date.  Club website, contact email, club Facebook page are all great ways for people to contact you.  You can check your club is up-to-date here:

Thank you,
NAFA Communications Committee