voting - electronic opt-in

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

We've had a couple of questions about the electronic opt-in process, so I figured I'd send additional information out to everyone.


1.  Eligible voters.  The people who have earned votes and are eligible to vote in this election include:

     a. NAFA clubs owners of clubs who competed in at least one event during FY2010 (10/1/09 - 9/30/10) and had 4 or more team entries and/or hosted one or more tournament.

     b.  NAFA approved and supervising judges

     c.  NAFA regional directors

     d.  NAFA Board members


2.  Deadline.  Remember to receive your ballots electronically, you must complete the opt-in no later than December 14, 2010 - that's Tuesday.


3.  Complete the 2-step process.  First you go to the web page: and fill out the information.  Second, to complete the process, click on the activation link in the email that is sent to your email address.  This second step is for verification to make sure the email is valid and also to make sure you are the voter. 


4.  Update information.  If your email address (or other information) has changed, email updates to:  flyball@...  It will be really important to keep your information up to date with NAFA for future elections as well.


5.  Questions.  If you have any questions or have any difficulties with the process, please send us an email at flyball@... so we can resolve them.


Dana Nichols, Secretary

North American Flyball Association, Inc.®