The 2010 NAFA CanAm Classic divisions are now posted!

Kim Davis <kim.davis@...>

The three day tournament divisions are posted and you can check them out at

Divisions for Friday and Saturday are posted for all classes of racing (Veterans/Open/Multibreed/Regular).

Sunday's posted divisions are for Open & Veterans. The Sunday CanAm Regular, CanAm Multibreed and Classic Finals will be determined per the tourney format posted here:

Seventy-six clubs have reserved spots for the three days of racing at a record-setting six-ring tourney! Plus, there are many other clubs being represented within the Open teams.

That breaks down to 138 teams racing on Friday, 170 teams on Saturday and 164 on Sunday.

What a ride this will be! Looking forward to seeing everyone in just 24 days ...

The online FAQ has been updated. Visit for the latest entries.

Volunteers are still needed for line and box judging. Check out the existing schedule, and send us a note if you can 'sit a spell' and help us out!

And don't forget - we're going for a NEW Guinness World Record on Saturday! Plan on staying after racing, as we find out if we make our 500 dog record! Plus - there are other surprises on the agenda!

Kim Davis
NAFA Webmaster