region 2 and 8 plaque spelling confrimations

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

Please contact Annie directly about the spellings needed below.  Her email is andrea.taylor1@... or alynnta@...   Thanks.

Good Morning-  
My apologies to regions 2 and 8.  I somehow sent out the email without your regions included.  So... I need to hear from a member of each of the following teams for confirmations.  


Region 2:
(063) Ballderdsahers
(082) Spirit Catchers
(154) DOG-ON-IT
(155) Instant Replay
(164) Rocket Relay
(247) Double Impact
(318) On The Fly
(331) Bad to the Bone
(360) Unleashed
(503) Extreme Chaos
(568) Zippity-Do-Dogs
(619) Canadian Canines In Action
(627) Positive Pups
(854) Pretty Darn Quick

Region 8:
(052) Can-Do Agility
(133) Prairie P.D.Q. Dogsports
(258) KAOS
(553) Inner Drive K-9 sports
(725) Furry Flash Dogsports
(734) Holeshot Racers

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