proposed revisions to bylaws & articles of incorporation

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The proposed changes to the bylaws and articles of incorporation are now posted on the NAFA web page.  These will be considered by the Board at the August 7, 2010 Board meeting.  If you have any comments, you may send them directly to the Board members or Chair or send an email through the contact us form and direct it to the Rules Committee.

Here is some additional information about the review that is posted on the NAFA site:


     NAFA is a nonprofit Michigan directorship entity. As its corporate documents hadn’t been reviewed for many years, we hired Jane Forbes, who is with Michigan law firm of Dykema and serves as co-chair of the State Bar of Michigan Nonprofit Corporations Committee, to review NAFA’s articles of incorporation and bylaws to make sure they comply with the most current Michigan statutes and to bring them into the 21st century, legally and practically. The attached proposed revisions to the articles of incorporation and bylaws are the product of that work.
We’ve put up both redline and clean copies, so you can track the proposed revisions easily. Some involve moving language that doesn’t belong in bylaws to the corporate policies or rules; an example is the reference to dog CRN’s in Article III, which will be moved to Chapter 3 of the Rules of Racing since we’re advised this shouldn’t be in the bylaws. Others are more technical, such as the revision to the “deemed consent” provision for board approvals of administrative matters, or are designed to match the bylaws to actual practice, such as the composition and names of the various board committees. Still others are designed to state things more clearly than they are now. Finally, some are intended to modernize our documents so we can use outside services, like internet voting services, that weren’t even thought of when the original documents were created.

Amendments take a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. The Board plans to consider these at its August 7 meeting. These are a work in progress and NAFA welcomes comments and suggestions from NAFA community. Please send them directly to the Board members, whose contact information is listed on this site, or directly to the Board’s Chair at
Leerie Jenkins.


Dana Nichols, Secretary

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