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The paper ballots are being prepared for mailing by the election company’s service and should go out today and tomorrow.  When you receive your ballots, there is a web address where you can vote the ballots online, or you may mail them back.  All voting must be completed by January 27, 2011 this year.  If you mail your ballot, it must be received by January 27, 2011 so please allow adequate postal time.  Ballots will not be able to be hand-delivered at the AGM, they must all be sent in to the election service.


For those who received electronic ballots, please don’t forget to vote.  All electronic ballots went out via email on Thursday, 12/16/10.  The return address says, “BigPulse Online Voting (NAFA Election)” and is from darrick@...  The subject line is “NAFA FY2011 Election Ballot”  If you have not received an electronic ballot by email and completed the opt-in process, please contact me or Leerie leerie@... or send an email to flyball@...  The email from BigPulse contains a link to vote your ballot electronically.  If you have any questions or problems, please let us know and we’ll be glad to walk you through it.


Votes for this election are based on FY2010 tournaments (10/1/09 – 9/30/10) and include:  club owners, regional directors, judges at the approved & supervising levels, and the Board of Directors.


And just one more reminder to keep your addresses – both postal mailing and email up to date with NAFA.  If you have any questions or changes, send them to flyball@... or click on one of the contact links on the NAFA web page –



Dana Nichols, Secretary

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