Nominations are now open

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

Nominations are now open for the NAFA elections.  This year nominations are open from June 1 - September 30, 2012.  Elections this year will be for Board of Directors (3 positions), Judge of the Year, Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame (up to 2 inductees), and regional MVPs.  All nominations must be received no later than September 30, 2012.  Election results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota January 26, 2013.


For more information, including online nomination forms, see the NAFA web page at


Direct links to the online nomination forms:


Judge of the Year:


Regional MVP:


Hall of Fame:


For more questions, contact the chair of the nominating committee, Dana Hanson at nominees@....  


Don't forget that this election will have the new delegate vote schedule for clubs as specified in the rulebook (pages 54-55 of the current rulebook).  Votes for entries are earned by tournament week.  Votes for hosting are earned by tournament day.  Clubs may earn a maximum of 15 votes. 


Dana Nichols
Greeley, Colorado