NAFA plaque spellings needed region 13-21

Annie Taylor

Good Afternoon-  I need one member of each of the following teams to confirm spelling of handler and dog names.  
Please reply to alynnta@... 

This does not include any Regional Champions, ROCC or special awards. Those requests will be sent individually at a later date. 

Thank you,

Region 13: 
Kinetic (928) 
Long Island Road Rage (676) 

Region 14: 

Big Orange Blast (926) 
Birmingham Bandits (335) 
Chattanooga Chomp (634)
Dixie Flyers (906) 
Music City Road Dogs (578)
Rabid Fire (1077) 
Rocket City Racers (463) 
Smashville Speedsters (1066) 

Region 15: 

Blue Ridge Blast (898) 
Clean Break (579) 
Flyball Dogs Anonymous (636) 
Happily Evfur After (797) 
Hard Drive (834) 
No Speed Limit (102) 
Obsessed K-9's (549) 
Revolution Flyball (461) 
Ruffin' It (946) 

Scallywags (751) 
TGIF (768) 
Two-Lane Highway (558) 
Underdogs Flyball (988)

Region 16: 
Fast Fourward (296) 
SD Flyball (961) 
SoCal Frequent Flyers (923)

Region 18: 
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild (695) 
Pawsitive Synergy (910) 

Region 19: 
Agents of Chaos (842) 
Altitude (994) 
Be Right Back (1070) 
LAUNCH (765) 
RUFF (401) 
Westside Woofers (809) 

Region 20: 
Back Draft (603) 
Paws on Fire (666) 
Ready Set Go (755) 

Region 21: 
Ball Driven Bandits (690) 
Disorderly Conduct (835) 
Dog Gone Devils (682) 
Omaha Speedracers (299) 
On the Flipside (1062) 
Skidmarkz (532) 

Andrea L. "Annie" Taylor
North American Flyball Association, Inc. (R) Awards and Scoring
Tattle   Evil~Rotten  BS FMCH , TFE
Stormfront's Advanced Warning "Siren"  FM, TFE I
Stormfront's Boy with a Golden Ticket "Charlie"  FDCH-G 
And my Angels Thoroughly enjoying life at the bridge
Stormfront's Too Cool For You ! "Ice"  aka - Piggy FDCH-S, TF-III 11/27/09~1/13/12
OT's Unbridled Twitch  "Twitterpate" FM, TFFC  5/24/08~ 5/29/13
Lacey Jane BC FG40K, TFPI, Iron Dog (Best Black, White, Brown Dog Ever!)8/4/2000~ 6/3/2013
Ruckus Border/Border FG60K, TFFC-I,Iron Dog   7/18/2001~1/17/2018
Fuller's Mesquite Moxie Onyx, TFWC, Iron Dog  4/14/2006~9/23/19