NAFA Events Suspended

Neil Flood


With information on the COVID19 virus being updated daily, and considering new and important information from Health Services Departments in the Provinces and States that we play in, I’ve made the decision to cancel NAFA events for at least the next two weeks. There will be no NAFA flyball through 3/23. Events schedule the weekend of 3/27 are still under the discretion of the host club, and NAFA continues to monitor the situation based on the last information we have available to us. To the best of my knowledge teams and members that are traveling to events this weekend have already been notified. The situation is constantly changing and we will continue to monitor the information as we make decisions on future events. 

Our primary concern is for the health and well being of our members, and I don’t feel we have enough information to make the decision that gathering to race will be a safe experience for everyone involved. 

NAFA will work with host clubs on financial burdens imposed upon them with respect to potential lost rental fees and/or deposits. As necessary we will assist in working with facilities on those fees. We are a really a small but tight community and as much as possible I would like to encourage everyone to help share the burden placed up on the host clubs that had their events cancelled. Through no fault of their own they bear more of the brunt of this, and I would encourage us to each assist in bearing that burden so we can continue to move forward as a group. Remember these clubs may not simply be out rental money, but for many hosting a tournament was a means to raise funds so they could play flyball throughout the year. There is a wide array of ways to help, among them donating raffle items, or offering clubs reduced entries at future events. 

Again, I apologize for any undue burden or inconvenience this places on any club or team. I hope everyone remains safe.

If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to contact me. 

Neil Flood

North American Flyball Association Executive Director