It's finally Awards time!

Annie Taylor

Good Morning! 

It is finally time to get back into the groove of awards confirmation.  
I know that  all of you are  just as happy about tis as I am. 

A few housekeeping details: 

If you requested Honorary Awards:  Plaques  will be sent to your RD with this plaque run unless you made other arrangements. 

Iron dog titles awarded during the shut down: 
Opting out of the IRON DOG Title:  
Dogs eligible to run in FY2020, according to NAFA’s records, have been given credit for fulfilling the one-point earned requirement for the Iron Dog title. 
If your dog received the credit and now has the Iron Dog Title, and you do NOT wish to have the title on your dog’s record or be awarded a plaque , please email awards@.... Otherwise these plaques will be issued as normal.  

Please be patient and understand that plaque suppliers, like everyone else experiencing supply shortages so this run may take a bit longer to get to everyone than normal. 
Thank you for your patience thus far, hopefully all regions will be able to begin running soon. 

Just as a reminder, please try to have one person from each team contact me with spelling confirmations.  It greatly slows the process when I receive emails from many people confirming the same plaques.   I assure you I will get back to you.  It may take a day or two, but I will.  Real life of full time work and education responsibilities sometimes take priority. 
Thank you all so much! 
I need one person from each team to reply to either this email address or to the awards@... email with your spelling confirmatiom.  Iron dog plaques do not display handler names, only dogs.  However I include handler names to keep them linked for processing purposes. 

Region 1: 
Fur in a Blur (681) 
Fuzzy Lightning (60) 
Rockin Flyball Gang (596) 
Slammers (122) 
Region 2 :
Bee Town Stingers (1043) 
Instant Replay (155) 
Just Practicing (1010) 
Pretty Darn Quick (854) 
Rocket Relay (164) 
Some Ruff Competition (46) 
Spring Loaded (490) 
Region 3: 
Animal Inn (2) 
Balls Out (400) 
Happy Hurdlers (30) 
Makin' Trax (36) 
Power UN-leashed (1068) 
Region 4: 
Asylum Unleashed (1058) 
BC Boomerangs (142) 
Canine Dirt Diggers (85) 
Harmony Flyball (975) 
Milwaukee Dogs (453) 
Outrun (899) 
Ruff Position (459) 
Wagging Tails Flyball (1004) 
Zoomies (1038) 
Region 5: 
Barkworthy (885) 
Canines in Action (375) 
K-9 Kommotion (89) 
Lone Star Ruffnecks (406) 
Special  Fources (841) 
Superdog Flyball (783) 
Top Dog Racers (180) 
Region 6: 
Orange Crush (109) 
Surf City Flyball (848) 
Region 7: 
Kings (112) 
Rip It Up (987) 
The X-Fidos (387) 
Unorthodogs (761) 
Region 8: 
Diamonds in the Ruff (470) 
Inner Drive (553) 
Ruff Riders (78) 
Region 9: 
DogGoneFast (233) 
Fur Fun (171) 
Go Dog Go (493) 
Hairier Jump Jets (163) 
K-9 Kamikazes (357) 
New River Rapids (805) 
Turbo Paws (978) 
Region 10:
F.A.M.E. (73) 
Prepare for Takeoff (717) 
Region 11: 
All Revd Up (901) 
Dogs Of Anarchy (830) 
DONT Dog Owner Needs Therapy (1023) 
Tampa Bay Barkaneers (741) 
Terminal Velocity (920) 
Region 12
Aftershock (853) 
Prairie Pirates (518) 
Region 13: 
B.A.R.K. (1009) 
Mass Chaos (965) 
Out of Focus (1059) 
ROC Flight (1102) 
Trippin' Dogs (1042) 
Region 14: 
Music City Road Dogs (578) 
Panama City Sea Dogs (1069) 
Rocket City Racers (463) 
Region 15: 
Hard Drive (834) 
TGIF (768) 
Region 16: 
All American Racers (775) 
Ballistic Racers Flyball Team (802) 
Bay Racers (481) 
Pacific Pups (904) 
Silver Streaks (411) 
SoCal Frequent Flyers (923) 
Region 18: 
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild (695) 
Region 19: 
Agents of Chaos (842) 
Altitude (994) 
Be Right Back (1070) 
RUFF (401) 
Region 20: 
Crossing Borders (1028) 
Ready Set Go (755) 
The K9 Unit (1013) 
Region 21:
Dog Gone Devils (682) 
Omaha Speedracers (299) 
Skidmarkz (532) 

Andrea L. "Annie" Taylor
North American Flyball Association, Inc. (R) Awards and Scoring
Tattle   Evil~Rotten  BS FMCH , TFE
Stormfront's Advanced Warning "Siren"  FM, TFE I
Stormfront's Boy with a Golden Ticket "Charlie"  FDCH-G 
And my Angels Thoroughly enjoying life at the bridge
Stormfront's Too Cool For You ! "Ice"  aka - Piggy FDCH-S, TF-III 11/27/09~1/13/12
OT's Unbridled Twitch  "Twitterpate" FM, TFFC  5/24/08~ 5/29/13
Lacey Jane BC FG40K, TFPI, Iron Dog (Best Black, White, Brown Dog Ever!)8/4/2000~ 6/3/2013
Ruckus Border/Border FG60K, TFFC-I,Iron Dog   7/18/2001~1/17/2018
Fuller's Mesquite Moxie Onyx, TFWC, Iron Dog  4/14/2006~9/23/19