IRON DOG Qualifiers

ngarcia1701 <nancykgarcia@...>

I am happy to announce that the listings for the IRON DOG award qualifiers has been posted. You will find links to the qualifying Active dogs and qualifying Inactive dogs on the front page of the NAFA web site.

Plaques for all dogs on the Active list will automaticaly sent to the Regional Directors for distribution. If you would like for the dog's name to appear differently on the plaque than how it is listed there is a link to a request form at the top of the dog listing. These requests need to be received by December 1st.

Plaques for the Inactive dogs must be requested. The link to the request form is at the top of the list. Please submit your request by December 18th. Any plaque orders received after December 18th will still be filled but will be considered part of a second order and therefore have a later delivery date.

Please email for such things as not being on the Iron Dog List or general questions about the award.

Nancy Garcia