Iron Dog Award Details

ngarcia1701 <nancykgarcia@...>

I have been receiving quite a few questions about the Iron Dog Award so here are a few more facts I wanted to share with you all:

We are busy making sure the data base is as up to date as possible as of the close of the NAFA year, September 30, 2011. Once we have all the data complete the following will be issued:

1. List of all eligible Active dogs that will automatically be receiving the IRON DOG plaque. This will give everyone the opportunity to review the list. As previously stated, these will be shipped to the Regional Directors for distribution. However, if you have recently moved and need to have your plaque mailed to you directly, you can send an email to Annie at

2. List of all eligible non-active dogs for which a plaque can be requested, along with an on-line ordering process. Part of that ordering process will be to verify spelling of your pup's name and to tell us either to which Region we should send the plaque or if it should be sent to a specific address.

Nancy Garcia