highlights of the 8/11/12 board meeting

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

Below are the highlights of the NAFA board meeting this weekend.  They will be posted on the NAFA web page soon as well.


Dana Nichols
NAFA Secretary
Greeley, Colorado

8/11/12 Board meeting


·         CanAm entries close 8/25/12.  We appreciate all those who have already volunteered.  If you can assist as a full time or part time volunteer, please contact Dave Walt.  Division sponsorships are still available.   For further details, see the CanAm web page – www.nafacanam.com

·         To assist in reducing shipping costs, host clubs are strongly encouraged to participate in efforts to hand carry EJS to and from tournaments.  This not only reduces shipping costs, but also reduces damage to sets during shipping.  Keeping shipping fees low helps keep fees as reasonable as possible.

New rule changes effective 10/1/12:

·         Multibreed Performance Teams – modified performance team rule - when a team in the multibreed class declares performance, the requirement of four different breeds set forth in Section 6.2(d) of CP&P does not apply. [Note: this new rule will be in effect at CanAm]

·         Teams ready to race in each heat – addition of a new provision in Section 8.3 of ROR – “Ready to Race.  Teams must be ready to start each heat in a reasonable amount of time. The first unreasonable delay by a team will result in a warning by the head judge. Subsequent offenses will result in a forfeit of the heat.”

·         Hall of Fame qualifications -  modification to qualifications - a nominee must not have earned NAFA points within 18 months of the close of the nominating period.  [Note: this will not apply to the current nominating period which ends 9/30/12]

·         Insurance requirements – modified Section 6.1 of CP&P to clarify the insurance required for tournaments held in the United States is general liability insurance.

·         Elimination brackets – modified 7 and 8 team elimination brackets slightly to make them consistent with other brackets.

·         Regional Champions – reworded Section 8.3 of CP&P to clarify how regional champions are calculated.  Also codified requirement that clubs must have raced in at least 4 tournaments to be eligible, but that only one of those tournaments must qualify for regional points.

·         Supervising Judge applications – rule modified to indicate the comment period should be at least seven days.

·         CRN fees will increase from $20 to $25 beginning October 1, 2012.

Rule Clarification:

·         Thundershirts or anxiety wraps should be permitted during racing, if properly fitted.

 Judge Advancements:

  • Geoff Brown, Raleigh NC - Approved to Supervising. 
  • Toby Emo, Nunda NY  - Approved to Supervising.
  • Glen Robbins, Ottawa ON - Apprentice to Provisional. 
  • Jon DosPassos, Coatesville PA  - Apprentice to Provisional. 

Aggression Excusals

·         Ginny – 090623 – aggression excusal removed after successfully completing requirements in Section 5.7(c) of CP&P.

  • Ramses - 111044, 05/26/2012
  • Murdoch - 100054, 05/26/2012
  • Rocky - 100073, 05/26/2012
  • JD - 120525, 06/20/2012 - under appeal
  • Rake - 041013, 07/28/2012

Upcoming Dates:

·         August 25, 2012 – CanAm closing date

·         October 12-14, 2012 – CanAm Classic event, Indianapolis, Indiana

·         January 25, 2013 – next Board meeting, Minnesota

·         January 26, 2013 – Annual General Meeting, Minnesota with Animal Inn tournament