Highlights from the June 1st Board of Directors Meeting



The AGM will take place on January 18th, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. The Board of Directors meeting will be held January 17th, 2014.

The Board has approved a new titling program for the Multibreed class. These titles will be earned concurrently with our existing titles (i.e., points earned in the Multibreed class will count for both sets of titles).

The Multibreed titles will also be awarded retroactively. The award(s) associated with each dog's highest retroactive title will be available through a request-only process with the costs covered by NAFA. The awards for the earlier retroactive titles earned by each dog will be available to those people who request them and are willing to pay the associated costs (to be determined).

Points Structure for Multibreed Titles:

20 points - MBD – Multibreed Dog
100 points - MBDX – Multibreed Dog Excellent
500 points - MBDCh – Multibreed Dog Champion
1,000 points - MBDCh-S – Multibreed Dog Champion Silver
2,500 points - MBDCh-G – Multibreed Dog Champion Gold
5,000 points - MBM – Multibreed Master
10,000 points - MBMX – Multibreed Master Excellent
15,000 points - MBMCh – Multibreed Master Champion
20,000 points - MB-ONYX – Multibreed ONYX Award
30,000 points - MBGDCh – Multibreed Grand Champion
40,000 + No titles

Judge advancements:
Jeanne Harem, Bessemer, AL - Apprentice to Provisional
Matt Goodyear, Pickering, ON - Apprentice to Provisional

Regional Director Approvals/Appointments:
Region 16 –Candis Amasalian
Region 19 - Terry McLean (acting)
Region 21 –Jayne McQuillen

Next Meeting:
August 10, 2013 – Detroit, Michigan

Thank you!