highlights from 8/7/10 BoD meeting

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

The highlights from the August 7, 2010 Board meeting are now posted on the NAFA® web page.   http://www.flyball.org/minutes/0807BODmtg-Highlights.pdf  We try to get the highlights out as soon as possible, but it usually take a few days as we’d like to notify people individually of the results of proposals, nominations, etc.   The highlights include nominees for MVP, ED & the Board of Directors, as well as the five finalists for Hall of Fame and Judge of the Year.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


The minutes will be posted in a few weeks.  This meeting was a long one – about 13 hours with eating lunch there.  So, it will take a while for me to draft them into final form & then it takes some time for the minutes to go through the approval process.  I’ll send a notification once they are posted.  Thanks for your patience!



Dana Nichols, Secretary

North American Flyball Association, Inc.®