Further Clarification for NAFA's recent announcement to allow 24-inch or 30-inch jumps starting April 1

Emma Mak

Per our recent communication the NAFA Board has decided to allow host clubs the option of using the current 24 inch width or new 30 inch width jumps at their tournaments effective April 1, 2022.  We have received additional comments and questions regarding this communication and we would like to take this opportunity to provide further clarification.

Q: Is this a trial period or is this a permanent rule change?

This is not a trial period rather it is a permanent rule change.  An updated version of the rule book will be released reflecting this change by April 1, 2022.

Q: Why not just move to 30 inch jumps as the standard for everyone instead of making this optional?

Moving to 30 inch jumps will incur additional costs for host clubs to minimally purchase new bases and slats and even in some cases new stanchions.  We want to allow host clubs to decide what works best for them and allow them time to raise funds to purchase the new equipment should they choose to move to the wider jumps.

Preliminary feedback shows that while some believe 30 inch jumps are safer (more room should 2 dogs meet at the jump to both go over the jump), there are some that believe the 24 inch jumps are safer (more room for the dog to bail out and go around the jump if they meet at the jumps).  There is no definitive proof for either argument at this time.  Therefore we believe allowing clubs and competitors to choose what works best for them, just as they do with the box width and run back space, makes the most sense at this time.

NAFA is in the middle of an election cycle and we felt it would be important for the newly elected board to be able to weigh in on this issue before making any further changes to the standard.

Q: Will the 30 inch jump width be made a permanent, mandatory requirement at some time?

It is certainly possible that once we have more feedback from the flyball community at large a more standard change may be implemented.  That will be a decision for a future Board of Directors to make.

Q: What will the jump width be at NAFA CanAm 2022?

That has not yet been decided.  Minimally by the time entries open for CanAm 2022, if not sooner, the jump width to be used will be clearly identified.