Election FAQs

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

We've had a few questions about voting and the online process for confirming your email address.  We put together some FAQs listed below.  They'll also be posted on the web page soon.  It's really important that you complete the second step of the online confirmation process by clicking on the link in the verification email.  This lets us know that you received the email and everything should be set to send your ballot out.


Dana Nichols
NAFA Elections Committee Chair
Greeley, Colorado

2012 Election FAQs

Who gets to vote?

Qualified voters include:

·         Club owners whose clubs entered 4 or more teams and/or hosted one or more tournaments and ran at least one team during the fiscal year ending 9/30/11

·         current judges at the approved and supervising levels

·         regional directors

·         board members

How many votes do I get?

This year’s election is for votes accrued during the 2011 fiscal year (ending 9/30/11).  This means it falls under the bylaws still in effect at that time (maximum of 8 votes, votes calculated by tournament both for hosting and entries).  Service votes (RDs, judges, and board members) are 1 vote per service category (e.g. a person who is RD and an approved judge would receive 2 votes – 1 for each category).

How do I vote?

First, go through the online voter confirmation process.  This will allow us to make sure we have a valid email address to send your ballot and also confirm the number of votes you receive.  This is a TWO STEP PROCESS. 

The first step is logging into the system at:  www.nafaflyball.com/database/eballot_signup.php 

The second step is activating the confirmation by clicking on the link in the validation email that is sent to your address.  It’s important that you complete the second part of the process so we can confirm that you’ve received the email.  If you don’t receive the email or the link doesn’t work, try logging in again to resend the validation email.  If you still have trouble, then email us at flyball@... or elections@....

Ballots will be mailed out to your email address.  If we don’t have a confirmed email address for you, we’ll send it to the last email address we have on file.  We want to make sure that everyone receives their ballots, so please go through the confirmation process.

How do I make sure you have calculated the correct number of votes for me?

Log in to the online voter confirmation system: www.nafaflyball.com/database/eballot_signup.php

Once you confirm your valid email address, you’ll be sent a validation email with a calculation of your votes earned for the election.  You must finish the process by clicking on the link in the validation email.  Please note:  if you logged in on the first day (11/2/11) and the system said you were already confirmed, but you hadn't logged in for this year's election, please try again.  Some of the voters who were confirmed from the previous year had not yet been reset in the system to receive the email.  It’s a good idea to check your vote count, especially if you receive votes from two different categories (e.g. club owner and judge) to make sure they have been correctly combined, since your email address and/or name may be different for each in our records.

Please complete the online confirmation (including clicking on the validation email) no later than November 21, 2011.

When will ballots be sent out?

We are targeting to have ballots distributed by email around December 1, 2011.

Do I have to have an email address to vote?

Yes.  Ballots will not be distributed by postal mail this year.  Please make sure that you have a current email address on file with NAFA by going through the online confirmation system: www.nafaflyball.com/database/eballot_signup.php

If you need to add or change your email address, send the changes to:  flyball@...

What is the deadline to vote?

All ballots must be voted online no later than January 19, 2012.  Results will be announced at the January 21, 2012 Annual General Meeting.  They will also be posted on the web page shortly following the meeting.

I went through the online confirmation process, but it shows I don’t have any votes.

Club owners:  Double check to make sure you earned votes in the fiscal year 10/1/10 - 9/30/11.  Are you a club owner whose club had at least 4 entries during that year or hosted a tournament during that year?  If you are the owner of a newly registered club, it’s likely that you didn’t earn votes during the past fiscal year. 

Service votes:  Are you currently an approved or supervising judge?  Apprentice and provisional judges do not earn votes.  Are you a regional director?  If you are an interim regional director and have not yet been approved by the Board of Directors, you do not yet earn a vote. 

Others:  If you are not currently listed as a club owner, or otherwise qualify for a service vote, then you do not receive votes in the election.  If you believe there is an error, such as club ownership was transferred to you, please send an email to flyball@... or elections@....

If you aren’t a club owner, but have an opinion about how your club’s votes should be voted, contact your club owner.  He or she may value your feedback. 

Our club is owned by an organization, not an individual.  How do I handle the online confirmation process?

We have modified the online process to now allow the business or organization name to be entered in the “first name” section.  You’ll still need to use the email address listed for your club ownership.  Ballots will be sent to that address.

The online confirmation can’t find me in the system.

Often the issue is how your name is entered.  If your name was entered as two parts (e.g.  first name = "John W." or "Mary Ann" or "Dr. James", last name = "Smith-Jones" instead of "Smith Jones" or "Jones", or "Smith, Jr." with or without period or comma, etc.), you’ll need to make sure you are entering your name the way it was originally entered.  Try modifications such as adding the space or taking it out.  If you still can’t find it, send an email to flyball@... or elections@... and we’ll try to isolate the problem.  And, be sure you are eligible to vote in this election (see first FAQ above).