CanAm Division Sponsorships

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Would your small business, your Club or your Region like to sponsor a Division at the 2011 CanAm Classic?

Division sponsorships are being offered as follows:

$100 per Friday or Saturday Divisions:  Sponsor's name will be listed on-line next to the sponsored division and also recognized at award ceremony.  Division listing will be posted on CanAm Web site for approximately three to four weeks.  

$150 per Classic* Regular and Multibreed Divisions on Sunday:  Sponsor's name listed next to Division when posted on Sunday morning and recognized at award ceremony.  A sponsor card will be placed next to each Regular and Multibreed Division Champion award that will be on display all three days.   Regular and Multibreed Classic Division Champions and associated Sponsor names to be posted on CanAm web site for approximately two months after event.

All Division Sponsors will be recognized in 2010 CanAm event program.

* Classic Champions are the 1st place winners of all the Regular and Multibreed Divisions (i.e. Division III Classic Champion, Division II Multibreed Classic Champion)

Should you be interested, please contact Nancy Garcia at nancykgarcia@...