Canadian payment options

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From: "Nancy Garcia" <nancykgarcia@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 20:15:10 -0500
To: Dana Nichols<workinglabs@...>
Subject: Please post on NAFA News

NAFA is pleased to announce that we have now have implemented the INTERAC Email Money Transfer system with our TD Canada Bank CAD funds account. 
Should you wish to pay your tournament fees, CanAm entry fees, or any other sort of payments to NAFA you can send the money from your bank's INTERAC Email Money Transfer system to paynafaca@....   Of course old fashion checks are always still accepted!
PLEASE be sure and note in the comments section what the payment represents (i.e. tournament entry fee, new club payment, CanAm Entry fee)  and the club name or individual's name that is sending the money.    All paperwork will still need to be send to Karen Oleson for processing. 
Should you wish to pay your CanAm entries electronically, go ahead and use the on-line entry form and just indicate that you will be sending a check.   Once I receive your email money transfer I will notify Karen that you have sent the money electronically.
You should send  a message to the same email address, paynafaca@..., notifying us of the answer to your security question.  Or if you ask something where the answer is very obvious,  like "Name of 20,000 point Award"  then there is no need to send a follow-up email.
If you have any questions, send me a note to this new payment email address and I will answer as soon as possible.   
Nancy Garcia