Can Am Volunteers - We Need You!

Kim Davis <kim.davis@...>

Hello everyone.  Now that the racing schedules are out, you probably have a better idea of your breaks during the day.  Please check the ring volunteer schedule posted on the Can Am site and see if you and your club can fill in some of the last spots left for line judging.  Maybe partner up with another club so that your race breaks will be covered.  More people means less time for each person sitting ringside.


Also, we will be needing box judges.   You know you want to watch the racing! Why not box judge when you can and get a ringside seat?  The box judging will be done on a race by race basis so you can easily fit in a few races when your club isn't racing.  We need you all or we'll have to call out for assistance.


Can't wait to meet new people, put faces to names and have some great racing competition.  See you all at Can Am soon!



Can Am Volunteer Coordinator