Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

Jayne McQuillen

The NAFA Board of Directors held a meeting via Zoom on Monday, February 21, 2022. Below are some highlights from the meeting. Full meeting minutes will be posted once approved by the Board.


1. Update on Laser Level Measuring:

As previously communicated, NAFA will be discontinuing the use of the wicket as the official measuring device on April 1st, 2022.  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions affecting several regions, not all judges and competitors have had an opportunity to practice with the new system.


Effective April 1st, 2022, laser level measuring will only be valid for the tournament weekend in which it was obtained.  Permanent Measurements cannot be obtained at this time.  NAFA is evaluating possible improvements to the ruler and completing the certification of all judges.  We will make another announcement regarding the timeframe as to when Permanent Measurements will become available.


We strongly encourage competitors to request practice measurements using the new laser level method.  This will help both our judges and the dogs be more comfortable when it comes time for temporary and permanent measurements.  As a reminder, these practice measurements do not count towards anything and are not stored anywhere (there is no “risk” for the dog/handler).


2. Update on 30” Wide Jumps Usage:

Several host clubs requested an exemption from the Executive Director to use wider jumps at tournaments before April 1st.   The primarily feedback has been positive from competitors.  As a reminder, Beginning April 1, 2022, NAFA will allow jumps to have an inside width of either 24 inches OR 30 inches. Host clubs are to declare their chosen width at the time of sanctioning their event. All jumps in all rings of racing must run with the declared width for the entirety of the tournament.

Events already sanctioned for April 2022 and beyond will be assigned 24” jumps unless NAFA is notified otherwise (i.e. revised sanctioning).  Host clubs should contact Karen Oleson if they plan to use 30” jumps at flyballsanc@...


NAFA is planning on purchasing wider bases for use at CanAm. 


3. Since CanAm, we’ve had feedback from AKC. ESPN is very happy with the viewership response when the CanAm footage was broadcast. They would like to film an additional event, such as an invitational in the spring. There will be no cost to NAFA to produce and film this event.  We are pleased that AKC and ESPN is excited to continue to partner with NAFA to livestream CanAm.  


Please email flyball@... with any questions or concerns.