Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

Steve Corona

The NAFA Board of Directors held a meeting via Zoom on Monday, December 13, 2021.  Below are some highlights from the meeting.  Full meeting minutes will be posted once approved by the Board.


1.  Beginning April 1, 2022, NAFA will allow jumps to have an inside width of either 24 inches OR 30 inches.  Host clubs are to declare their chosen width at the time of sanctioning their event.  All jumps in all rings of racing must run with the declared width for the entirety of the tournament.


Events already sanctioned for April 2022 and beyond will be assigned 24” jumps unless NAFA is notified otherwise (i.e. revised sanctioning).  


2.  The Board approved the advancement of Bruce Boulanger of Region 5 from Apprentice to Provisional judge.


3.  The Election Committee will hold a live candidate chaton December 19, 2021 at 5:00 CST with the Board of Directors nominees.  Competitors are encouraged to attend and ask questions of the candidates.  Details for accessing the chat will be posted soon.


4.  Executive Director Neil Flood informed the Board that several clubs have decided to withdraw from the FCI World Cup citing logistical challenges related to COVID-19.


The Board of Directors wishes all our competitors Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!