Attention NAFA Clubs! We want to feature you...

Emma Mak

NAFA is anticipating a boost of publicity soon - a live flyball demo at ESPN studios alongside a show featuring Lone Star Ruffneck's Let Freedom Race Tournament is set for broadcast August 24th!

We'd like to translate this into getting potential flyballers reaching out and getting started in this sport we all love!  Please go to the NAFA Locator and check that your club's info is up-to-date.  Updates can be sent to locator@....
Are you a NAFA club looking for new members OR can offer introductory flyball lessons?  It could be that your club is at capacity, but you can offer lessons and direct people to other clubs in your region.  If this sounds like you - we'd like to create a feature article for you on the new NAFABlog!  There will be a link to the blog from the main page of and from the NAFA Locator.
The NAFABlog is a new initiative by the Communications Committee that will regularly feature general articles of interest to the NAFA Community.  More on that to come.
Each club that wishes to have a feature article written on them should contact the NAFA Communication Committee at CC@....  We're looking for:
1. A fun picture that represents your club - we'd love a pic that shows who you are and what your club is all about!  Please make sure you have permission for use.
2. Some fun facts about your club that make you unique and special!  
3. Where you practice (city, state).
4. Contact information (this could be a link to your website, an email address or phone number).
See the attached pic or check out the actual blog for examples of a couple of clubs that have already volunteered to be featured:

Emma Mak
NAFA Communications Committee