Update on NAFA for June Events

Neil Flood


I hope everyone in our flyball family is doing as well as could be expected in these difficult times. First, I hope you and your families are healthy, and I also hope you are able to navigate these difficult economic environments as well. As promised, I wanted to provide our hosts and competitors as much notice as possible for the month of June. So far, most of the data has shown very positive results with respect to social distancing and shutting down of non-essential services. However, most of the professional projections and models presented have shown that we will not be out the woods through June and we want our competitors to be as safe as possible. Therefore we will extend NAFAs suspension of events through the end of June, 2020.  I know this may be disappointing for many of us, however our competitors safety is our top priority. 

Also, as a reminder, the Board will be meeting on the weekend of May 2nd. One of the topics of discussion will be bringing flyball back from this pandemic. If you have comments, thoughts or suggestions, don’t hesitate to email me. 


Neil Flood

North American Flyball Association, Executive Director