NAFA election - last week

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

Just one final reminder that the NAFA election closes next Thursday, 1/27/11.  All mailed ballots must be received by that date.  All ballots being voted electronically must be completed by that date.


Leerie and I will both be travelling on 1/27/11 to arrive for the Board meeting on 1/28/11.  So, if you have any issues with voting - haven't received your email (and opted-in), haven't received a paper ballot, have any difficulties with the voting site, etc., please contact one of us as soon as possible.  We'd really hate for anyone to miss the opportunity to vote because they wait until the last minute and have problems that can't be resolved.  Feel free to email me at: workinglabs@...  Leerie's email is leerie@...




Dana Nichols
NAFA Secretary