new rulebook

Dana Nichols <workinglabs@...>

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the new rulebook and expect it to be posted today.  I know there are several tournaments this weekend.  Dale Smith has done an excellent job of making our new rulebook more user friendly.  It is still a PDF (Adobe) document, but he has added a clickable table of contents to allow you to go directly to the part of the rulebook you are looking for.  There will be an icon on the left side of the rulebook for bookmarks.  If you click on that, it will leave the table of contents in a small window alongside the left of the rulebook (depending on your version & settings in Acrobat).  Each of the sections and rules are links that will take you to that portion of the rulebook.   Also this year we have a list of significant changes at the front of the rulebook.



Dana Nichols, Secretary

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