handicapped participants

Lee Heighton

Hello everyone,

Recently a thread from a Regional flyball list was forwarded to me for clarification. The thread discusses NAFA's stance on participation by individuals who use wheelchairs or scooters. In the portion of the thread that I received there was an incorrect quote from the minutes when the BoD addressed this question.

The BoD meeting in question occurred in Omaha, Nebraska in 2007. A competitor from Florida had written in with concerns about wheelchairs and scooters being allowed in the racing ring as well as the line and box judging areas. The quotation stated on the Regional flyball list actually came from this letter and in no way represents the opinion of the Board of Directors.

NAFA strongly supports participation in our sport by all competitors regardless of any special needs that they may have. Specifically, wheelchairs, scooters or any other items that a participant may need to allow them to participate in our sport are allowed in the racing area as well as the line and box judging positions.

I hope that this answers any potential misunderstandings and will be happy to answer any questions concerning this matter if anyone would like to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Lee Heighton