New EJS cadence

Lee Heighton

Hello everyone,

There have been several questions recently about the new start cadence for the Signature EJS from 1.2 to 1.0 seconds. The idea originated after we were contacted by tournament hosts and competitors stating that the limited runback of some of the venues available to them (50-60 ft) made it very difficult to use the second light for their start dogs. The decision was made to reduce the sequence to 1.0 seconds in order to address these concerns.

Just today I was contacted by the RD from Region 9 stating that the new start sequence would make it much easier for the start handlers at their tournament due to the limited amount of runback.

In conversations with many competitors it appears that the new start cadence in no way limits the performance of our start dogs but there is an adjustment process necessary to adapt to the new sequence.

It is for the above reasons that the Board of Directors implemented this change. We hope to have all of the EJS converted as soon as possible. If you are at a tournament and discover that the start sequence is still at 1.2 seconds, please contact me at 810-650-2093 and I will explain how to update the set you are using to the current standards.

Lee Heighton
Executive Director