Phase 2 of new measuring system starts July 1

Emma Mak

Phase 2 of the new measuring system begins July 1, 2022

After July 1, 2022 you may start obtaining permanent measurements for height dogs. Measuring is not mandatory until October 1, 2022.

To obtain their permanent measurement, height dogs will need two matching measurements at two different events under two different judges.  For comparison purposes, measurements are rounded down to the next whole number (so 17 ½” and 17 ¾” are considered matching).

There are several changes that will happen with measuring once Phase 2 starts.

(1) You must tell the RD and judge whether you want the measurement to count towards the dog's permanent measurement BEFORE any measurements are attempted.  Once a valid measurement is obtained,  you can't "walk away". It must be recorded on the C.9 and will be one of the measurements used towards establishing your dog's permanent measurement.  Furthermore, you must use that jump height for the tournament.

(2) You can have up to three attempted measurements at an event (similar to before). The lowest of the attempts will be the one recorded on the C.9 form. You may opt to have your dog measured on the table or on the floor.  

(3) You will see the RDs participating more in the measuring process – they now act as an extra set of eyes for the judges, and judges and RDs will work together to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

(4) Up until October 1, you do not have to measure your dog for a tournament. After October 1, all height dogs will either have to have a measurement for that tournament or a permanent measurement in the NAFA database (there are some exceptions to this for dogs 10 yrs or over and dogs under 24 months – see Section 4.2 of Rules of Racing in the NAFA rulebook for details).

If you don’t feel ready or feel stressed about measuring, NAFA judges are happy to help you keep practicing and get your dog comfortable with the process.

There are also helpful measuring videos posted on the front page of the website.

We urge you to start getting your dog's permanent measurement as soon as possible rather than waiting until after October 1.

For more details, please see the front page of the website. If you have any questions or concerns about the new process, please contact your RD, a judge, or a board member, or email us at flyball@....

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