NAFA Election Results

Emma Mak

The NAFA Board of Directors held a Zoom meeting on Friday, January 21, 2022.  As part of that meeting, the NAFA election results were reviewed and ratified.

Congratulations to all!

Board of Directors:
Kathy Haney (Region 16)
Emily-Rose Allred (Region 9)
Meagan Langs (Region 6)
Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame:
Stingray!, Sue Bonofiglio, Ruff Enuff, Region 13 
Zoya, Curtis and Stacy Smith, Alaska Dogs Gone Wild, Region 18
Judge of the Year:
Regional MVPs
Region 4 - Frost 
Region 6 - Rocket 
Region 9 - Hotblack
Region 14 - Rook 
Region 15 - Trip
Region 16 - Kyon
Region 18 - Outlaw
Region 19 - Guinevere
Region 21 - Fender 
In addition, the Board of Directors elected the following officers to the Executive Committee:

Jayne McQuillen - Chairperson
Emma Mak – Vice-Chair
Lynda Mantler - Secretary
Cindy Henderson - Treasurer

AGM Highlights will be out shortly.

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