Mask Policy

Neil Flood

I apologize for a second note. In our recent update, I should have had better clarify with the Mask policy. Below is our policy, and I hope it clears up any confusion.

I do want to add that NAFA strongly encourages all events to require masks, especially in the first few months of re-opening. While COVID numbers are certainly improving, we are far from in the clear, and new strains of the virus are presenting new risks and challenges. If we are going to gather and play flyball, one of the best things we can do is have everyone wear a mask. There will be situations where COVID numbers are low, and local mask mandates may be relaxed, but we are also seeing situations where COVID numbers aren't that good, yet local policy makers are removing the requirements. It is for this reason that we are being flexible, as there is no silver bullet of policy, but really encouraging host clubs to exercise and abundance of caution.  

Mask Policy - 
1) First and foremost, a host club is required to follow any local (building, city, state/provincial) mandates that require mask usage. This requirement supersedes any NAFA or host club policy.
2) In the absence of a local (building, city, state/provincial) mask mandate, a host club has the option to require proper face masks. 
3) A host club should make the requirement on masks known to potential competitors, the RD, and judge(s) prior to the closing date of their event, so as to provide people the opportunity to make an informed decision on attending the event. The decision to require attendees to wear masks cannot be reversed after the closing date, even if local regulations no longer require them. A club should be prepared for potential local/state/provincial policy changes between the closing date and the time of the event. 
4) In the scenario that masks are not required by local regulations at closing date, but become required prior to the event, then all attendees must wear a mask - this scenario is out of the control of the host clubs and participants should be understanding and prepared for this possibility. 
5) Finally, NAFA is supportive and understanding of people with disabilities or physical limitation, and we understand that there are situations in which a person may require an exception to the policy. As long as it is accordance with the local/provincial/state regulations, an exception to the mask policy will be extended to people that have a signed letter of exception for mask use, by a physician that is written on the official clinic letterhead and should be provided to the Tournament Director prior the start of racing. The exception should not detail the disability or medical condition the person suffers from. 

If you have more questions, please let me know.


Neil Flood
North American Flyball Association, Executive Director

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