NAFA’s Requirements/Recommendations for Host Clubs for Phase 1 (Transitional Flyball)

Emma Mak

'NAFA’s Requirements/Recommendations for Host Clubs for Phase 1 (Transitional Flyball)' is now published on the NAFA website here: 

NAFA's planned opening is April 1. The rates of community spread and emerging variants, and percentage of population that has been vaccinated varies widely across North America. In some areas, it will still be quite some time before gatherings such as tournaments are advisable; however, when that time comes, we hope these requirements and recommendations will help hosts to design events that will prioritize the health and safety of NAFA competitors.

Any questions or concerns regarding the recommendations and requirements for Transitional Flyball should be addressed to flyball@....

Also, our thoughts are with all our competitors, both handlers and dogs, in the southern states. We hope you are able to stay safe, and have access to proper provisions. Please take care, and we hope you all get through the weather safely.

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