AKC/ESPN Announcement

Neil Flood

Hello Everyone!

A few people have notified me that recently ESPN & AKC made an announcement regarding a multiyear agreement for broadcasting a number of dog events. In that announcement was a list of events that included “AKC Flyball Championship”, which has naturally raised a lot of questions!  To answer the biggest question, I am pleased to say that, yes, the event listed is NAFA's CanAm Classic! NAFA has been working with AKC, and in particular AKC TV, to gain some more exposure for our sport. AKC has been very excited to stream NAFA flyball, and the feedback they, and ESPN, received from the ESPN Dog Day in August 2019 was very positive. In fact, we’d worked with AKC TV on a plan for 2020 that include streaming a number of events, including CanAm, which unfortunately had to be abandoned. However, we are excited to work with AKC TV in 2021. We are still working through some logistics and will provide greater detail as it becomes available.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe,

Neil Flood
North American Flyball Association, Executive Director

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